What is stereotypically quintessentially British?

What do I reckon people see when they think of Britain? Check out my list…

I might be living in Dubai at the moment but that doesn’t stop me loving my home country, England. From the ridiculously bipolar weather conditions to drinking a whole lot of tea – there are so many things that I think have become by default British traditions and stereotypes. Other Brits mights disagree, but I think around the world these things immediately come to mind when people think about Britain or should I perhaps say, London.  Let me know if you think of something different when you think of Britain, and be on the look out for my own list of what makes Britain, Britain to me.

1 A Full English Breakfast
Oh boy, where do I even start? A Full English is heaven on a chipped china plate. It’s ingredients apparently should be enjoyed together: (although I have reservations about the tomatoes, of all things)

Back bacon
Scrambled, fried or poached eggs
Grilled or friend tomatoes
Grilled mushroom
Toast or fried bread
Baked beans (Heinz)
Black pudding
And, if you’re really like a bloody good hash brown
HP Brown Sauce or Heinz Tomato Ketchup if you’re not quite as sophisticated (like me).


My mouth is just watering thinking about it, I can barely type.

2 Red buses, red telephone boxes, red letter boxes & Black Cabs.
We might as well have red cabs, our love of red just seems to be ongoing.

I promise I’m sat on a Red Bus, 2011 was not a kind year for red sunglasses, pink scarves, grey gloves, and some strange winter combo.

3 London Underground
It smells of just about every disgusting thing under the sun, during rush hour it feels like the Sahara, people push and shove but it is definitely an experience and a half!


4 Shakespeare, Fleming & Rowling
Of course these are just three names that stick out in British literature amongst many. From Fleming’s Bond, Shakespeare’s Othello and Rowling’s Potter I’ve just named so clear-cut protagonists who made history. British writing at it’s best.

5 An unhealthy obsession with the Royals & Big Ben
Good or bad, we talk about them. Do they take all tax payers money (no) and whether the Queen looked like a sunglower at Wills & Kate’s wedding (yes), we love to moan, print pictures and fill coloumn inches with our Royals. Do we need them? Probably not. Should we keep them? Hell yes! Also Big Ben is NOT the name of the building but a nickname for the bell that dongs, the actual building is called Elizabeth Tower (fun fact), but we are still obsessed by it.

The Queen and her Corgi are made better just by being in Lego (from Hamleys)!

6 Liberty London, Harrods & Hamleys
I can’t even describe these shops, apart from using one word – yes.

7 Wimbledon, Cricket & Rugby
I should put football in there, but I simply can’t for my dislike of the sport. Tennis, cricket and rugby however. We just seem to love them. Wimbledon, as it happens leads me to my number 8…

8 Strawberries, cream, scones & cups of tea
Strawberries and cream whilst watching centre court at Wimbledon. Why of course. Scones and tea – the perfect remedy for just about anything and a daily ritual as far as I can tell.

9 Sarcasm and Irony, and the word ‘sorry’
Something we do only too well, and since I’ve lived in Dubai I’ve notice confuses practically every other nationality. We also seem to say: ‘sorry,’ a lot too. Sorry, I’m not sure why.

10 ££££
No one else has the pound, it’s ours – goodbye.

11 NHS
Typical Britain – underpaying and overworking valuable staff, complaining constantly about how the NHS is pure shite, and then demanding it treat us for free. I love it. It doesn’t always get it right but bloody hell the people who work there seem to do little else for tuppence, and I’m not talking just consultants, doctors, junior doctors, paramedics and nurses – I’m including everyone like; admin, management, caterers, janitors,porters, all of them.

12 BBC
Of course, it’s on the list. Rocked by scandal in the last few years but still in my opinion quintessentially British.

What do you think is considered stereotypically British, let me know in the comments below? Does your country have any traditions?






The Oscars – The 87th Academy Awards Best Dressed 2015

So it all went down last night at The Oscars, quite literally, the tent leaked a miniature flood and The Grand Budapest Hotel wiped the floor with everyone. But we’re not about hate, at least not in the top section. Hate is for the worst dressed celebs of last nights classy event, but that’s a different post. But we’ll keep it positive first, so first

Christopher Polk|Getty Images
Christopher Polk|Getty Images


Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch, and their tiny bump. Debuting marital bliss these wonderful Brits looked every inch the ultimate family. I think the picture speaks for itself, plus Sophie looked seriously stunning in a beautiful Lanvin design and to be honest I’m not surprised Benny Cumberbatch couldn’t take his eyes of her.

Reese Witherspoon Tom Ford - Getty Images
Reese Witherspoon Tom Ford – Getty Images


If anyone was just slightly annoyed at how much work I had to put in to finding out “Who” Reese was wearing last night it would be me. Her #AskHerMore campaign is great, but honestly just tell us you were wearing Tom Ford first, and then be all sly about it. Either way though, this is one heck of a dress which is sure to remain iconic for years to come.

Cate Blanchett in John Galliano for Maison Margiela with Tiffany &Co Necklace | Jordan Strauss Invasion, AP
Cate Blanchett in John Galliano for Maison Margiela with Tiffany &Co Necklace | Jordan Strauss Invasion, AP


When I saw Cate standing on the red carpet, on my laptop whilst stuffing myself with caffeine to get through the night I was just in awe. Her elegant John Galliano dress for Maison Margiela is beautiful but to add that bold turquoise Tiffany&Co necklace was pure genius. It lifts everything, the colour of her skin, it balances out her shoulders, and just adds a bit of Pizzazz to a dress that would otherwise be constituted as lovely but boring. She just looks simply wonderful.

Anna Kendrick in Thakoon| Steven GranitzWireImage
Anna Kendrick in Thakoon| Steven GranitzWireImage


To me, Anna Kendrick’s can do no wrong, and this dress just proves it. My first thought as I saw her arrive was, “No Anna, no!” I really believed this dress would be the wrong everything for her. That the colour would drain her away and that she might end up tripping over on the longness of it all but she didn’t. The peachy colour of the dress is super stunning and her petite frame really carries off this dress to perfection. The elegant neckline with a bit of a sexy key hole front adds to this dresses overall wonderfulness. I love it, the girl did good!

Rosmund Pike in Givenchy| Getty Images
Rosamund Pike in Givenchy| Getty Images


Please give me the courage to find this dress, steal it, diet enough to get into it and then wear it every day and every night until I die or get sent to prison for theft. I can’t get enough of the sexiest sophisticated dress I saw on the red carpet last night. This is just exquisite, and with its waist clinching belt and panels and the thigh-high split this dress literally can do no wrong on Rosamund’s body. Plus the intricate pattern design is literally perfect for this nominee.

Kiera Knightley in Valentino|Kevin Marzue Wire Image
Kiera Knightley in Valentino|Kevin Marzur Wire Image


A baby bump on the way, no problem if you’ve got somewhere to go just dress like Kiera. It was another moment of is this dress actually you. I was a bit stumped at first, but the more I saw of this beautiful tulle dress which literally makes Knightley look like a fairy princess I just wanted to see more. Valentino did a fantastic job when this gown was designed. It’s wonderful.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab| picture Vogue.com
Emma Stone in Elie Saab| picture Vogue.com


I salute you Emma, you look fantastic and the colour choice is so bold and beautiful. The beading is magical and the pattern in which the dress is beaded kind of reminds me of a cheetah or some sort of wild African animal. Featuring a very risqué thigh split and complete open back this celery coloured dress just oozed sophistication and to my mind a bit of boho-ness from Emma. This dress is perfection and so literally is Emma, who graciously didn’t win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Jennifer Hudson in Romona Keveza| Getty Images
Jennifer Hudson in Romona Keveza| Getty Images


Wow. Is there any other word to describe this butter yellow, sunshine-filled dress which Jennifer Hudson donned to the Oscars last night. She just looks breathtaking. It’s simple and elegant and most celebrities would have picked it in a muted tone but nope, not old Jennifer. This colour is just beautiful paired with her skin tone and she looks flawless. She also happens to be my new desktop background? Too much?

Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent| Kevin Mazur WireImage
Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent| Kevin Mazur WireImage


I want to wear this dress. I know I can’t but I would like to, a lot. Margot Robbie was one of the first celebrities I saw arrive on my TV following of the red carpet last night but she is one of the most memorable. Flawless, sophisticated but slightly edgy with her pretty jewels and plunge neckline and sheer sleeves. Definitely worthy of an Oscar itself that dress.

Of course there were so many others who looked beautiful on the red carpet last night, but I have neither the time or patience to sit and write about everyone so I’ll just leave it with these beauties?

Who were your favourites?