The Book of Mormon, The Prince of Wales Theatre

Occasionally I’m left speechless by a performance. This is not the case with this show. In fact it is completely the opposite to how I’m feeling. It’s been two days now and I still can’t stop the occasional laugh that brews up within me when I think back to Tuesday night’s hilarious performance.

It was utterly fantastic.

I can’t explain to you how much I enjoyed this show, but heck I’m going to try. Here’s hoping the Latter Day Saints help me out a bit.


The Prince of Wales Theatre is a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square as well as lovely restaurant Muriel’s Kitchen, which is a great place to stop off before the show. Check out my blog on it. It’s also opposite The Comedy Club, which I hope to check out soon!

The Book of Mormon is an ingenious production brought to us by the creators of South Park; Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. It’s a musical religious satire piece that features two newly graduated Mormon missionaries, one, Elder Price whom believes his calling is in the magical place of Orlando and the other, Elder Cunningham who is a compulsive liar. A fantastic mix, which results in them being dispatched to a remote village in Uganda which is being terrorised by the exceedingly frightening General Butt-Fucking-Naked. A truly despicable human being who wears some wonderful cowboys boots alongside two lots of machine gun bullets wrapped around his upper half. Robbed by the General and made fun of by the locals the two missionaries meet the other missionaries who explain the with the wonderful help of Elder McKinley that they need to: “squash,” their feelings. The song Turn It Off is fabulous display of singing skill, humorous acting, in beat tap dancing, and some very pink waistcoats.

As Elder Price makes it his mission to leave, he is caught in a spooky Mormon hell dream featuring Hitler, Genghis Khan, Jeffery Dahmer and Johnnie Cochran as well as some rather fantastic devil onesies. When he wakes he realises that he cannot leave his companion, Rule 72, and he rushes back to try and help Elder Cunningham. Only to discover Elder Cunningham has, through the medium of imagination, help from the Hobbits and compulsive lying baptised all the villagers without Price and is now the hotshot of the Mormon missionaries.

As the Mormon President comes to celebrate the villagers being baptised all the truth comes out, through a very entertaining reenactment of the Mormon history with Elder Cunningham’s very interesting embellishments. Of course, the realisation that it was all a lie leaves the Ugandan missionaries ex-communicated from the Mormon church, and pretty stuck in the mud. Until they realise the they don’t need the Mormons, they just need each other. As with traditional soppy ending theatre performances it all ends happily, but with this musical it also ends with you laughing your socks off, and tears falling in a good way.


There are three cast members in particular who are just fantastic in their roles. Of course two of them are the main characters.

Nic Rouleau as Elder Price is simply the best arrogant Mormon ever. He has the facial expressions that just make you cripple with laughter, and a voice that is utterly awesome.

Brian Sears as Elder Cunningham, just thinking about him makes me laugh. There is so much political incorrectness with this character but it’s not offensive, it hugely funny and Brian is just one of kind in this role. The specialness of him is magic.

Stephen Ashfield as Elder McKinley, without a doubt is my favourite. I can’t get enough of his suppression of his feelings for men, whilst simultaneously being the campiest and most feminine character. He’s entertainment factor is stunning.

Another mention should go to Gabrielle Brooks who was Nabulungi in the performance I went to see, her voice is smooth like silk and she has a wonderful range although sometimes I felt that she wasn’t completely comfortable in the role BUT and it is a big but that was only every now and then. As an understudy she was still incredible, and secretly I hope she gets more chance to play this role so she can come into her own more and more.


GO AND SEE THIS NOW! I’ve helpful attached the website here, so you can go and book your tickets.

For more information on The Prince of Wales Theatre click here.


Johnny Sparkle Presents: Tainted Love at The Amersham Arms

One week late. Still written.


When you have a best friend who has a stupid amount of talent you either hate them, resent them or in my case pretend to hate and resent them whilst loving them completely and only wanting them to succeed in what they do. Case in point: Louise Curtin. You may recognise her name from my yellowish tinged A Teenage Cancer – Awareness Time post I did quite a while ago.

This girl is super talented at most things like contouring, looking after animals with popped eyeballs, sending considerably hilarious Snapchats, and unfairly being one of the most musically talented people I have ever met. The fact that this talent she kept hidden for more then half our friendship’s lifespan is a point I don’t want to get into, why didn’t you tell me girl? But take my word for it, she is special. Enough bigging-up this post is about an actual gig I swear.

Recently she invited a few of us to a lovely Valentine’s gig at, the artsy and not somewhere, I thought, I would usually frequent London pub called The Amersham Arms. To me it’s totally hipster but you know what I’ve decided I loved it, their burgers were just so good and the live music that Johnny Sparkle (I’m still not sure who he is) provided in this wonderful live band area was brilliant. Of course the promise of tequila shots and my recently new developed love for Kopperburg was the icing on the proverbial cake.


I have to admit here and now, that I can’t remember or recall all of the bands that played, yes I’ve got their names written down and I will do my best to attach videos or songs of them performing if I can find any, but really there was only three groups that to me stood out like a zebra in a pack of cheetahs. These three were insatiable. Just so good. Of course with my biasness I’ll start with The Baby Blues.

My little Lou’s band, THE BABY BLUES hit off the night at 7:30ish and mateeeee, they were simply amazing. I know technically speaking I’m as biased as they come, but really if I didn’t want to big them up I wouldn’t. I’d keep the big Mouth (yes capitalised) shut tight. For me, nothing is better then Lou, Dave and Mike covering The Pretty Reckless’ My Medicine which they did with an absolutely beautiful performance. The video I’ve got for them isn’t so wonderful, I apologise sincerely as by this time I’d had a few of the old Kopperbergs and it cuts out, but it does showcase the talent these guys have as a band, especially a new band. They’ve been together for no time at all really, but if this is what they are coming out with now wait till its been few months. I’m so excited to see what these guys will come in with in the future.

Photography courtesy of Layzell Photography.
Photography courtesy of Layzell Photography.

Holy Moley, with a big slice of cheesecake can I introduce my next favourites. I pretty much embarrassed myself in front of these lovely ladies the first time I met them as I was doing, if I remember correctly the shuffle, which wasn’t actually a shuffle but more like having a fit whilst standing (no video to follow unfortunately). NOVA TWINS, Amy and Georgia were just “insert word that can be used to describe something out-of-this-world incredible and amazing”.  I hate that I have no words to describe these girls but seriously they are wonderful. Pretty much everything you want from a female duo, empowering with fantastic outfits and talent to kill for and some absolutely unreal beats. I salute you. I’m sorry I can’t actually find one whole video.

CRUMS, are a bunch of talentedness. This boys; James, George, and Ash (I think those are their names!) were so fun to watch and you could tell they were having an amazing time on the stage. However I will point out one thing, and that was until I had a little Facebook stalk I seriously only thought there were three of them on stage? I have no clue who I’m missing from my line-up!  Without a shadow of a doubt they are not my normal taste in music, as they’re a bit grungy/punky and I’m a Taylor Swift diehard fan, but I did almost turned. For me another plus of these boys was one of their mums, who was going round with the biggest proudest smile on her face selling £3 CDs of Crums’ work. This to me is what makes a band a band, their fans. And this mum was the biggest. I, of course bought one of the CDs which is proudly sitting in my car’s stereo. We even had tequila shots.

Crum’s mum, the girls and me after Tequilas. So cute!

There were three other bands that performed that night, and for perhaps obvious reasons, see above pictures I don’t truly remember a lot about that, which is totally my fault. So I’ve spent the past three hours researching the other bands to make sure I can include them in this post. Each of the band contains some wonderful musical talent and you would be idiot, like I was to miss them out.

First up, MOURNING BIRDS. These lads are totally talented. I really try to be open-minded about all types of music, and it pays off when you see music made like this. The band is made up of Jimmy Gilder, Sam Mitchell and Bill Williams. I find them pretty alternative.

NATIVE PEOPLE, now I’m hoping and I think I know I’m right but they just seem to professional and kind of a big deal that these were the guys who performed at The Amersham Arms. I found someone saying well done to them so that’s a good start plus I found picture evidence but they don’t say they played, it’s so confusing. But I’m 99.9% sure these are the same guys. If so I don’t know how I missed them. It’s possibly I was dancing in the other room?! They are pretty amazing though. I’m totally obsessed with this song, Calm Forever.

WHITE ROOM, very confusingly on Youtube as The Basis Band, it took me the longest to find out anything about them. Honestly I get so confused so easily. Anyways this five-piece band are, at least to me totally interesting in the way their music sounds. I haven’t heard anything like it, so I don’t really know how to describe it but check out this video. It kind of creeps me out in a good way?

The Heart Wants What It Wants, Selena Gomez

I will admit to always having been a fan of Selena, ever since Barney, yep I should probably be on a list somewhere. I was actually in awe when I heard this song. I mean, what! She’s utterly and unequivocally created a piece which undoubtedly most females have at some point felt. Now I know that it could be argued that Taylor Swift does this on a regular basis but it’s like a norm for Swifty and this to me, is not a Gomez song.

This has new depths to it, and is utterly lovely. Sad and lovely. I can’t help but like this song, and it’s made me so impatient for her new album, For You to drop on January 5, 2015. I mean why is it so far away…

I also love the video. I can’t help but think this song, is Selena’s best work to date. Of course I loved her older songs and each album she’s released has got one or two tracks that I think yeah but this song just overshadows all of them. Great job SG!

PS I hope this makes Justin Bieber cry. (Not a Belieber, is it obvious?)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

So you’ll never guess what I happened to go and see last night at the cinema. Apart from the obviousness of the title, of course which actually tells you the name of the film. All I can say is go, go, go immediately, at this present time and watch the new film.

I’m not going to review the film, as for me that could lead to spoilers and that is not my ultimate goal. Instead I’ve decided to just share with you a piece of music from the film. Sung by Jennifer Lawrence this song is hauntingly perfect for this film, and as the tension builds it forced me into tears. Moving.

Solange – the bride who broke the rules

Solange Knowles certainly knows how to impress, and the new Mrs. Ferguson who only wed her new husband on Nov. 16th made my jaw drop. Not once, not twice but five times. Starting off married life in the only way a Knowles’ sister could she donned five different outfits for her one massive day.

Each outfit was special in it’s own manner but were all tied together with a very fitting theme, which was their uniqueness.

To get her to the chapel on time, this diva travelled in some serious style. Hopping on a white bicycle and pedalling to her wedding, talk about commitment. She wore an absolutely beautiful Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit, which left little to the imagination in terms of bustiness as well as it’s cut out back. Check out the sweet ivory roses attached to the front of her bike. Talk about traffic stopping.

Her Kenzo Caped Gown was a gorgeous dress with a strong feminine feel. Form fitting but with a beautiful sleek cape surrounding her she looked regal. Accessorised simply with some gold long bangles, she oozes aura and majesty.

Moving on swiftly to outfit number three which is an interesting and totally only wearable by Solange Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit, see any patterns here. With its one sleeve and one legged look this dress pushes bridal fashion far. Every instinct inside of me is telling me that this jumpsuit should not ever, ever work but for some reason I cannot explain on Solange is just does. Fact. With the strappy white heels this look is sophisticated and even delicate and Solange seems to look extraordinarily happy with it, or maybe it’s the fact she just got married.

Here we go again with the Stéphane Rolland jumpsuits. Another one Solange, really? Very similar to the first jumpsuit Solange wore on the bike if you can remember that many outfits ago it provides a very busty keyhole in the front, and much like her Kenzo gown it is caped. This photograph makes it look like she’s about to take flight. With it’s hint of (more than a hint of) sexiness to the front, the gorgeous caped back gives this jumpsuit a more elegant and perhaps conserved feel. It’s amazing that one jumpsuit can be so confused and still rock its confusion?!

Lastly but by no means least was her thigh-high slit dress which, although I’ve looked through 2.85 million results in 3.45seconds thanks to Google I cannot find the name of the designer anywhere. Anyone know? This dress to me looks fun, it looks like you can dance in it and have a great time. Which is hopefully just what Solange did. I also couldn’t find a lone picture of the dress that wasn’t so ridiculously out of focus the picture should just never of been taken, so instead I’ve borrowed a very nice line up all five dresses together.

What do you think of Solange’s choices? Is five to many changes for one day? How do you even fit five changes into one day, let alone a busy day like a wedding? No idea, but for now here are some lovely pictures I’ve found of her wedding. Enjoy.

Yes, before you continue I do realise that the amount of photos could probably be enough for a restraining order, but I can’t get enough of quite simply put an amazing bride whose entire wedding deserves praise for its originality.

There’s Something About…Taylor



Taylor Swift gets a lot of stick for being, well, Taylor  Swift – the numerous boyfriends, followed by the inevitable break-up songs, the ever-changing friendships, her obvious dislike of one Justin Biebs and of course the colour red (which coincidently seems to be the one constant in her life right now).

But I can’t help it. I love Taylor Swift! I don’t know her but I can’t help but love her. And, I think with this new single Shake It Off she has entered a new and exciting chapter of her music making and potentially won herself additions to her army of Swifties!

Of course, I’m still a fan of her more country than pop hits but this move towards plain old pop was brave and in my mind worth the risk. She nailed it, everything from the catchy beat to the ironically self-deprecating music video Taylor gets 5 stars from me. A little ballet dancing here, and a bit of ass shaking(?) there and T-Swift is on a roll to continue her streak as one of the favourite artists of the year. With her mix of ballet sophistication, cheerleading perfection, improv grey clad dancer thing not to mention Audrey Hepburn thrown in for a good mix Taylor has proved herself yet again.Taking the comments that she can’t dance into consideration T Swizzle whilst not beating the critics by becoming a numero uno dancer, instead emphasised it – making her one funny chick in my mind. Her dancing makes my dancing look professional and for that I thank you. Thanks Tay!

However, I’m still hoping her new album 1989 does not only feature pop tracks but still contains and shares Taylor’s roots as a country gurrrlll. Maintaining her roots is what will keep her a hit with her fans, and whilst trying out new genres is always a great thing to do, it will always make that single extra special by making sure it’s not lost in between more of the same, which so many artists (ahem, Charlotte Church – old example but still works perfect) can find happening.

I can’t wait till my pre-order comes through! Hit pre-order now on iTunes and squirm with bated breath until October 28, 2014.

Click here for her link to iTunes