A French Adventure – Lyon – Part Two – A Look Around

After the breathtaking goodness of the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière I was a little bit conscious of the fact that perhaps we had seen all that Lyon had to offer.

Of course, my fears (as usual) were unfounded. Although in my opinion: “not as good as the Basilique,” the rest of Lyon was simply wonderful – which perhaps is saying a lot for Lyon as a whole. If you haven’t check out my Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière click the link, and if you don’t fancy reading about museums and a little bit of ice cream follow my link to the Lyon River Cruise here, and if you don’t fancy that – well I can’t help you.


One of the key places to go in Lyon if you want to feel all culturally aware, which we did, is the Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon or The Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon. It is possibly the largest Fine Arts museums I’ve ever been in and took us a staggering four hours to get round, mind I ran some of the way.

Showcased in a beautiful 17th century building, the 70-room collection is extensive, amazing and if I’m being honest completely tiring. From Ancient Egypt to a room solely dedicated to different medals this museum is not for the faint hearted – or those wearing inappropriate footwear. But, and it is a large but, even though the last 30 or so rooms are pretty blurry to me in a mass of art of all different ages/styles the bits I do remember, such as this beautiful piece of wood carving that I believe was from Iran,

Syria - Wood carving from a door about 1277
Syria – Wood carving from a door about 1277

and this ever so slightly terrifying sculpture from Laurent-Honoré Marqueste’s Perseus killing a Gorgon, are things that I literally will keep with me forever. Cheesy, yep I know.

Perss et la Gorgone - Laurent Marqueste
Perseus et la Gorgone – Laurent Marqueste

I think one of the biggest failings of this museum which is ironic really as it is also it’s positives is just how much the museum houses. Perhaps, if we’d of had enough time I would have gone back more then once to actually feel like I was seeing everything which in some cases I was merely walking past trying to finish the museum. I still highly recommend it though, and as stated before wear some bloody comfortable shoes.

Odalisque by James Pradier
Odalisque by James Pradier

After a trek and a half around the Museum of Fine Arts I decided that of course it was time for an ice-cream. And not just any ice-cream, oh no, an ice-cream I had been waiting for since arriving in Lyon. A rose shaped ice-cream. Could life get any better. I literally found out it couldn’t. Bearing in mind it started raining as soon as I had my first and last ice-cream of the holiday it was a dream.


Before lunch on the second day of the trip in Lyon, and before our river cruise – see that blog here, I dragged my poor dad along to the Musée Miniature et Cinéma which was amazing. At least I thought so.


Filled with bits and bobs from some ridiculously random movies; Hollywood, French and Bollywood and others the multiple-floored movie exhibit is brilliant. It’s light-hearted with the occasional curtain which reveals it might be too much for young eyes (such as some of the latex props from Buffy (yes Buffy, and yes double brackets)) but it also showed short films on how props were made, and how and what behind the scenes entailed on some sets.



Alongside the film memorabilia (which is all original and from the actually films credited) was the miniature part of the museum. It was slightly odd, such as a miniature unused swimming pool but very intriguing. How anyone has created as much detail on some of the rooms and objects in this section was completely beyond my comprehension. It was exquisite craftsmanship, and really pretty awesome.


There is one part of the museum I didn’t photograph, partially because I was took freaked out to hold my camera and secondly because I was so ridiculously freaked out I just wanted to get out of the exhibition – which was all to do with dolls. Not pretty dolls of the Disney-kind but creepy dolls – with bicycle wheels for hands and strangely terrifying music which made me feel like I was hyperventilating. If you fancy that kind of thing go for it, but if I ever visit again I will be avoiding that floor in its total.



Lyon15_232If you’ve enjoyed this blog post feel free to check out my first A French Adventure in Dijon here.


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