Urban Raven – Ship Necklace

So, after literally months of not having time to write a review for two of my favourite jewellery pieces I’ve decided enough is enough. I have to write them. I’ll start with one and link my second one – a gorgeous Israeli phone token necklace here.


Shiran Tal is a master of turning junk, as you may have seen in my last post about her shop Urban Raven, into treasures. Literally treasures.

Hopefully you remember but you might not, Shiran is an upcycler, and it’s something she is extraordinarily good at. No need for a day job when you have a skill like she has. So without further ado, meet one my favourites. This beautiful postage stamp of a ship which has been mastered into a necklace.

From the first time I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, possibly because of Johnny Depp, I’ve had a slight obsession with any boat that could potentially be a pirate ship. Cue this lovely looking stamp, which fulfils my pirate ship dreams.


Remember, Shiran Tal makes all her pieces by hand. Unbelievable talent.

Much like my lamp stamp bracelet this necklace features a gold-plated brass fitting with a plastic overlay. A lobster claw clasp and one length. As a fat-necked individual, unfortunate but true, this necklace is perhaps a little snug for me but it settles just below my throat, but not so that when I look down I can admire it. On any other person I’m sure this would come at just that perfect length so you can see it, albeit briefly when you look past your nose. Understand?

One of the key things that makes Shiran stand out so brilliantly, is that none of her pieces are alike. Not one. Each is different, taking something that has, at leat to us ordinary people, no character or personality and upcycles it so that it can be bold and beautiful again.


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