Susie Adams

I’m just shutting down my old blog on Blogspot which I started years ago. I found this little bit that I have to keep. It’s about someone who was iconic to me, and a role model to me in all things.


Susie died this year.

She hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer, and no one, not even her knew she was dying of cancer. Instead we all thought it was a case of bad flu. The diagnosis was wrong, and although we will never know what could have happened if the diagnosis has been correct, I feel with more funding maybe it could have turned out differently.

I can’t describe Susie on a blog, words are never enough for somebody as beautiful as her. She spent her life force making those around her happy, having champagne days and dressing herself beautiful. She, to me was iconic. The only time I ever saw her cuss we were cut up by an obnoxious man in a fancy car. She believed that everyone was good, innately good, and she spent a whole lot of time telling me how I could do anything I wanted to. She was hilarious, spontaneous, full of life, and ultimately an angel. She was truly special, and not just to me but to everyone who met her.

Susie was sent to this Earth I believe to make everyone she met better. She did that with skills and ease that baffled me, and kept me wanting to be just like her, even now.

Our Susie, taken far too soon.

Gone but never forgotten.

R.I.P Susie


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