Urban Raven Upcycled Bracelet

Now this blog is terribly overdue. I was supposed to write it this time last week but life just managed to pop up some interesting days and meant that I got behind. So without further lateness.

Today is all about an amazing upcycle shop called Urban Raven. It’s difficult to describe the wondrousness of this little boutique shop that’s run by the beautiful Shiran Tal but I’ll honestly do my best. I discovered Shiran’s jewellery when she tweeted me a few weeks ago. Usually I’m not one for picking up a tweet from someone I have no clue about but something made me click. And with the magic of the internet I was transported to Urban Raven’s Etsy shop.


Run from Israel, Shiran creates such exquisite pieces of jewellery, all upcycled. Now before I get too carried away I will give you a quick explanation of what upcycling actually is, big thank you to Hipcycle for this definition lovingly stolen from their website:

“Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. For example:
Unraveling a wire clothes hanger to break into your car to rescue your keys = not upcycling
Stretching out a wire clothes hanger then tying strips of a plastic bag around it to make a wreath = upcycling!
Upcycling gives an item a better purpose. And while jimmying the lock on your car to is giving that hanger a new purpose, it’s not necessarily better or more beautiful. And the mangled hanger is likely destined for the trash, which is the opposite intent of upcycling.”

Now that’s been explained better let me tell you more about Urban Raven. Founded in 2013 by Shiran Tal it features unique pieces of jewellery that are made from what I would probably describe pretty much as trash. Sorry Shiran! All the items she users for her bits and bobs I would take a look at and probably bin. But Shiran has this magical eye for creating beauty out of some of the weirdest objects.

It’s this magical eye for detail that makes Shiran’s designs special. All handmade and therefore completely unique, what Shiran can create with just a piece of glass is undeniably fantastic. Shiran creates art, and I am now the lucky owner of one example of her fantastic way with with random objects.

Meet my new love!


It’s all very simple. A postage stamp captured inside a gold-plated brass fitting with some sort of plastic overlay which adds to a 3D effect inside the bracelet. It does up with a typical lobster claw clasp and has about four different lengths. I love this piece. I just can’t get enough of wearing it. I love that it’s mine and no one else’s.


It’s unique to me and was such an amazing price. Yes it was a sale piece, so one could argue that I didn’t have to pay the full retail price for it as it was almost half off! But! I’ve been looking at Shiran’s other pieces which I’m considering investing in, and I have to say none of the prices strike me as overpriced for what they are. Of course on top of the price if you live outside of Israel you have to pay for International Delivery. To me this was no big whoop, I paid an extra £2 to be able to receive this piece. And I know other British retailers who charge £6 (at least) for delivery within the UK. Shiran’s P&P are fantastic value and the time it took for my piece to arrive was approximately 10 days which to me, is pretty darn good.

Plus how could I not love this note Shiran enclosed in my little package!


To visit Shiran’s Etsy Urban Raven shop click here.

To check out her Facebook, or Twitter click on the links!

So to finish this blog I’m going to show you My Top 3 pieces that are on my Urban Raven wish list! MOTHER, if you’re reading this take note. (Insert wink face)

1. An Old Israeli telephone token necklace £30.09


2. Statue Postage Stamp Ring £11.70


3.Gold Plated Chow Chow Stamp Necklace £33.43



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