The Body Shop and Lush Haul

So after my glorious brow treatment at Beau Brows and Beauty, if you’ve not read that post here’s the link, I decided I needed to pop into The Body Shop to get one little thing…


Now of course if you’re anything like me, you can’t just buy one little thing. Instead you buy a few little things. So here’s what I bought from two of my favourite beauty shops; The Body Shop and Lush.

First up is The Body Shop.


Now I know that looks like a lot of Vitamin E Moisture Cream but believe you me when I say I use this every morning, so although it lasts a good while, I tend to go through them. When the perkiest lady I think I’ve ever met announced a cheerful Hello as I walked into TBS I knew I wasn’t leaving empty handed. Massive shout out to Danielle, Body Shop you need to give this girl a pay rise. She was simply an amazing sales person and she knew so much about the products.

What was really the sales point for me was that the Moisture Cream which retails for £11 per pot was buy 3 for 2 and a saving a £11 sounded like a deal to me. Each tub contains 50ml of this amazing little product which keeps my skin looking, at least I think, pretty damn silky during the day.

As I was talking to Danielle I realised how much I needed help with the fact that although the Vitamin E works great for during the day, I just can’t wear it at night as for some reason I end up with some hideous breakouts, for some reason extra dry skin in the morning and it can feel really heavy on my skin, but only on the evening. Yes I know I’m an interesting case. So Danielle pointed me in the direction of Aloe Protective Restoring Mask for sensitive skin. Well I haven’t obviously tried to on a night yet but I did test a bit on my hand and it felt beautiful. Lightweight but seemingly intense this mask according to Danielle I can just leave on for the night as well as using it as a mask. I’m so excited to try it because unlike other night moisturisers that I’ve tried it doesn’t come with a sleep-interfering smell. This was priced at £13.

Lastly as I re-signed up, as my poor little Body Shop card had expired I got a free Warming Mineral Mask which as I’ve just looked up now retails at £10. Score! I tried this as soon as I got home and praise the high heavens and those lovely people who come up with this formula because this a treasure. The product gets warm without entering that burning stage that some other heating masks like to reach and when I rinsed it off after the elective five minutes i just couldn’t stop touching my skin. My skin looks lovely presently. I’m looking forward to seeing how long this last but this could be a real keeper in my weekly skin regime.

Now onto Lush:


I didn’t spend so much in Lush, which is what I usually do but I went in for a specific purpose and that was to try out some of Lush’s Lip Scrub. I picked up the Mint Julips one which literally smells like mint chocolate and actually although I’m sure you shouldn’t really eat it tastes like it too. It smells divine and it has made my lips look fuller, which was unexpected and softer. I knew caster sugar wasn’t just good for cakes. This product costs £5.50 and comes in three different flavours. Mint Julips (scrum), Popcorn (savoury not the sweet kind) and Bubblegum (self-explanatory). Also which is very exciting although I didn’t buy it they do one for a limited time called The Kiss which perhaps unsurprisingly is for Valentines day. This one to me was a little too sweet but it’s still a lovely touch.

The next cheeky thing i bought at Lush was completely spur of the moment and that was my lovely Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. There are no words to describe the smell of this beauty. It’s is simply glorious. I just…I just lose all words. It’s smells like perfection and I can’t wait to have a bubble bath now. I’m not sure if this is just for Valentine’s Day I damn well hope it’s not. I’ll have to stock pile. They cost £3.25 for each one and can last for a couple of baths as you break them into running water. I can’t wait to feel like a unicorn!



Don’t judge me!


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