HD Brows at Beau Brows and Beauty, Chelmsford Essex

Late last night I realised that the caterpillars growing above my eyes were not going to suddenly change into beautiful ‘butterfly eyebrows’ and instead were growing just a little too out of control, for example meeting in the middle is never a good look no matter who you are nor is making yourself look like Charlie from Busted (please tell me some of you still remember him). So with a desperate desire to have them ‘fixed’ I turned to my friend Louise, whose eyebrows are second to none and she lovingly informed me of a miracle brow bar that offered HD Brows!

“Where?!” I demanded across our Whatsapp chat…and that is how I discovered the brow haven that is Beau Brows and Beauty.  You will find Beau Brows tucked away neatly next to Chicago’s on Moulsham Street in Chelmsford, Essex. It’s a wonderfully ‘little’ building with three floors which contain different businesses, hairdressing etc. However, take note Beau Brows is on the third floor of the building and the building has on the outside Silhouette du Barry. To help with any confusion, that I mostly had about it I’ve got a little picture of the front of the shop to help you find it! (Yep, I am so helpful plus I really want you to go there)


Now before I just go off on a tangent about my brows and how wonderful they are, I need to tell you that you should book. These ladies are busy, not too busy for new customers just sought after. I was lucky enough that in my desperation the lovely Caroline who happened to be checking that Facebook last night managed to fit my desperate ass in at 9:45 this morning. So book book book!

Anyway, I know that I do actually have to show you what my brows looked like before I went in so I’m just going to get it over with. I guess in some respects I’m lucky I have light eyebrows because I guess the picture doesn’t really amplify just how horrendous they were. So take a quick look, only 5 seconds then continue to scroll.



Ahhh quick move on, move on…

As I tripped up the stairs to the top of the building I slugged my coat off and sat down but in a whirlwind of amazing platinum cropped hair and to-die-for boots Caroline, my new hero told me to come on through, and hop onto the chair. The chairs at places like these always remind me of dentists or something nasty but this one was covered in one of those faux fur blankets and had a cushion next to it. I could of fallen asleep it was so comfy.

Caroline was simply amazing. She’s HD trained and she talked me through what I would be having done and then quite frankly we had a nice old chat about everything as I laid back and waited for the usual pain to commence. I am a baby when it comes to threading, waxing, plucking and all other hair removal things. I hate it, but after doing some complicated string measuring across my brows Caroline had formed my shape. I’ll be honest I have no idea what she did next, but I think there was a combination of cutting, precision waxing and plucking (which made me sneeze, Caroline if you’re reading this sorry again) and after about 15 minutes I was done. Best of all there was literally no pain. Maybe it’s because she had trimmed my two caterpillars before hand or it was just lovely talking to someone whilst it was being done but I just didn’t notice any pain.

So the after photo. Excuse the no make-up look I’m rocking I decided that today I was going commando.


Now isn’t that better.

We should probably talk about the price of this all, because with HD Brows there is an increase in price compared to shall we say Benefit’s Waxing ladies. For a tint and shaping it cost £33, which is quite a bit of money but and it’s a big but because I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to fork out money like that for my face, I can’t explain to you the difference in how I felt after I had them done. You suddenly have an aura of confidence about you, and it really does, maybe stupidly so make you walk taller and maybe with a bit of booty shaking. I mean I probably looked like a fool, but I don’t care my eyebrows flaming rock. And you want to know how I know that.

I got complimented by a complete stranger in the street, and do you want to know what I did? I pointed them in the direction of Beau Brows and Beauty, because honestly for the feeling that they’ve given me right now I would pay the money twice over.

To book in with Beau Brows and Beauty here’s their number: 07908 278304 and you can also visit their Facebook page.

So go get your coat, and go now. You won’t regret it.


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