Little Mermaid Inspired Necklace

Well, hurrah I’m sort of back on track and this week for some reason is turning out to be all about jewellery. I need to show you this piece I purchased a couple weeks back from a beautiful Etsy shop called Baked Memes. Now if you’re looking at this bog post before February 2nd the owner is actually on a bit of a break, but according to the shop memo she’ll be back.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this Ariel inspired silhouette. On a 18inch gold-plated chain, which of course you could have in silver or in a variety of chain lengths. Because of the break Baked Memes owner Kelly Robbins is taking I’m not actually 100% sure if she does repeat orders or whether it’s just once. But, the rest of her shop is absolutely stunning.
Back to my lovely mermaid.


The mermaid itself is made of black shrink plastic and what I love most about this is the hand-craftedness, excuse the made up word, of this piece. In the description Kelly explains that she: “draw the mermaid shape on to black shrink plastic, cut it to detail and then heat the piece to a hard acrylic-like state. The front of the piece is coated in a clear gloss for protection and shine before finally being attached to a hand assembled gold or silver plated necklace.”

Having something that has been crafted with care always feels so much more special when you’re wearing it compared to the universally manufactured other jewellery, although yes I still love wearing my world-wide trendy Pandora and Nomination.

The Ariel silhouette is not actually very big and sits perfectly round my neck, not being so tiny people have to lean in to get a view and not being so in your face it’s just simply awful. Instead she’s perfect. And I can’t help but think I will be rocking this look for the next few weeks, if not months.

She cost £8.99 which was simply amazing and P&P was free. Honestly I would have paid so much more.

Thank you so much Baked Memes. Like them on Facebook. And don’t’ forget to follow Kelly on Instagram.


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