I knit a scarf? Really?

You can ask anybody, I am not an artist. I am not creative. I am not anything to do with making things beautiful. I am just not crafty. If I try to be crafty I usually end up leaving it in a half-finished, half-disgusting state and I never return to it. Another idea thrown and smushed into the mud. But hey, I thought one day about a week ago I’m gonna make me a scarf. And that’s what I did?!

So I’m going to give you a quick run through of what I did and what I used.
First of course I need to sell you to knit.


So firstly let me show you an incredibly grainy image of me wearing my finished product. The lighting is pretty bad and I’m inside which in some respects defeats the whole purpose of a scarf but you get the general idea of it. You can see the sort of pattern my interpretation of my understanding of ‘how to knit’ went.

I’ll attach my favourite videos from the wonderful resource that is Youtube to the bottom of this post so you can go and attempt this ever so easy knit for yourself.

The wool I used was this beautiful one from Hobbycraft which was called Patons Fab Colour Yarn Mermaid Mix, and oh dear lord it is too die for. The lush but tones are emphasised and complemented wonderfully by the varying grey and white tones and it just looks like magic. I ended buying three of these yarn balls of scrumptiousness but I reckon I could have done with just the two. Each one cost £6 so I ended up spending £18, although like I said I’m pretty sure two would have sufficed.


Alongside the very important wool aspect is the equally important part which is the needles. Now these babies I am most proud of. The only reason being is that they are blue, which is so un-granny-like which made me feel better about knitting. (Such a stereotype) My new babies called Knit 1 and Knit 2 respectfully are also from Hobbycraft priced at £4.50. Mine are 10mm Pony ones, which I chose because there was a helpful hint on the packaging of the wool that they would work. You can however buy them in lots of varying sizes. I’ve linked to them here but for some reason I can only get the 8mm ones on the website, they were however the same price. So once again the general idea.


I learnt to cast on my own, through trial and error however I did find this video which I hope will help that with aspect.

This was my favourite video as I was learning to knit. Although I accidentally moved the wool in front of my T instead of the back, and really I don’t think it made the slightest bit of difference.

I thought binding off, or finishing would be really hard but this video was absolutely amazing.

And that is quite simply how you knit an ever-so-simple-ridiculously-easy-and-maybe-not-so-perfect-scarf. But hey its my scarf and I love it.



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