I’m yelling timber at ice skating

So to be honest, I’m a day behind. We actually went ice skating on the 2nd but I was far too lazy yesterday to write anything. So you get to hear about it today.

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn as it were but my ice skating skills are exceptional. Exceptionally…bad. If you could put ice skates on a rhino and let it loose in an ice skating ring you still probably don’t come close to the absolute disaster of an ice skater that I am. But even with all the gracelessness and subtlety of a huge ship blasting its way into port I love it. It’s just truly so much fun. Once of course, you actually manage to put your ice skates on right – which believe it or not I struggled with.

The ice skating ring is in Jonsdorf, the closest German town to Krompach and it’s just such a sweet little thing. They play classically awful music like Gangnam Style, which is so bad its good and gives you a beat to skate or fall over too. Check out Eiselle Jonsdorf, by clicking on its name.

Anyways this is me…


IMG_0349 IMG_0360 IMG_0369 IMG_0386

IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0419 IMG_0421 IMG_0417

And really that’s all there is too it. It was a afternoon of absolute hilarity and it truly made me happy.

(music: “happy” from Despicable Me 2, Pharrell Williams)


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