New Year’s Day. A Little Bit of Sledging, Naked Sauna and An Uphill Walk

New Year’s Day.

Just rethinking about that day makes me snort with laughter but that really comes into force later (the nakedness sauna bit). Bundled up in thermals, hat, gloves, ski trousers, ski jacket, warm boots and I was still freezing we headed out to a hill. A hill covered in snow. From top to bottom. Grabbed our sledges and began the journey down. It was over before it even began as the speed of the sledge crept upwards, faster and faster until finally with a great big: “Yahoo” from my sledging partner we flipped the sledge and landed in the bed of powder snow. Of course the flip was done on purpose?!

I couldn’t stop laughing. Until…I realised we had to walk right back up the hill and the motor sledge to pull us up had stopped working. I grabbed the nearest sledge and up I went. It was hilariously horrible, but I worked out that if I turned and walked backwards it was so much easier. Of course that meant I couldn’t see any of the other sledges trying to make their way down the hill but surely they’d move for me, right? Well they did, when they could. Steering a sledge I found out is much harder then it looks.


After a couple of uphill walks, we decided enough was enough and did one massive sledge down the hill. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so fast in my life, not even in my car. It was so incredible, but as we picked up speed I did start wondering how we were going to miss the trees down below. My friend Mirek answered that for me. We tipped and this time it was absolutely on purpose. Snow on my face and it was freezing but completely perfect.


The next part I’m pretty damn glad I didn’t take my phone or camera with me. It was a sauna. In the middle of Jonsdorf. Now I’ve been to saunas before but never ever like this one. As you walked in you were hit with heat, and I was informed helpfully that you go in completely undressed. So I was like well okay? Grabbing the closest towel I headed for the sauna with my two Czech friends Jana and Kate, and was greeted by one of the hairiest lady parts I’ve ever seen. Honestly I couldn’t take my eyes of it until…that was we moved saunas and I discovered that penises really do come in every shape and size, hairiness and baldness. It was such an eye-opener and actually at one point involved me leaving a sauna session being done by a really really fantastic looking young German but I couldn’t stop laughing at all the penises moving around of their own accord.

Maybe it’s because I’m British and so unused to nakedness I was just in shock. I think however I handled myself pretty well, at least I hope I didn’t stare too much. It was just…well it was just hilarious.

I’ve actually gone off point with my discussion of male and female anatomy so what I’m going to do is link here to Trixi Park. It’s seriously stunning. The facility is wonderful with different types and heats of sauna. The hottest one which regulates when in session to between 80-90C was stunning. It involved a member of staff usually one that could have jumped out of Hollister campaign sprinkling water mixed with spices, herbs and other infusions over hot coals and then with a towel pushing the heat towards you. I couldn’t actually last that one, it was just too hot. However when I walked out after two minutes I realised I was sitting in a snow covered outside and honestly: “the cold never bothered me anyway,” (had to, sorry)


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