The Prospect of Getting Fitter – Adidas Adipure 360.2 Celebration Review

The prospect of getting fitter is always such a nice thought, but a terrible idea. I know that I don’t want to stay in my hole of self-hate and instead want to go and get that extra-gorgeous dress which would look so nice if say I dropped half my body weight but I just love food.

Anyways, in order to prompt and preferably push me onto my path of extra-healthy, working out and getting fitter path I have, wait for it, purchased a new pair of trainers. I will note that before this I was going to review a different new pair of trainers which I fell in love with but my dog ate them. No joke. She ate them. So instead as I found these beauties. I would also like to establish the fact that I have never in my life purchased anything from Adidas. Never. Up until now I, very wrongly I’m sure pictured the Adidas brand in a Sunderland and Essex both remaining unnamed nightclubs. Yes, this did actually happen and no I don’t want to go into the details about how horrified I was that tracksuits were allowed in night clubs (i really tried not to judge) however! I’m so happy I discovered these trainers and actually some of their other more gorgeous training gear.


For too long, Adidas has been at least in my mind a stereotypical brand type for chavs (sorry, nothing against you all I was once one too) and although I’m sure they’ve probably always had nice merchandise, my new trainers are just gorgeous, and so is some of their other range. Anyways enough about my stereotypical judgement which as per usual is probably wrong, and more about my lovely trainers.

Called the Adidas Adipure 360.2 CC – Celebration (longest name every for a pair of runners) I chose mine in a pretty mint colour. These shoes have an interesting cheetah spot pattern along them, which really isn’t that consistent but does it give it a more chic feeling. I also think and hope it makes them more unique. I hate the three stripes but what can you say, I can’t ring up Adidas and just say please change your logo. I guess I could try?


With the upper shoe made from air mesh meaning lots of breathability for your foot, it keeps your tootsies cool whilst you work up a sweat. The breathability of these trainers is really the main focus of this shoe I feel, with the lining made of mesh as well. I love that on the bottom of the rubber sole there are gaps for added breathability. What I did notice when I got these pretties home was that they aren’t overly flexible which for me is probably a shame as I love a whole lot of foot movement but I was told by the shop keeper, who obviously had no interest in selling them to me at all that they would work for my needs, i.e. getting fitter.


I think they are lovely, but I will be the first to admit I haven’t worn them to work out in. I’m off to Cubaton tomorrow evening though, so i guess terrifyingly we will see how they stand up.


I actually couldn’t find them on the Adidas store, and was having trouble loading images to see if my shoes were the same as on the website so I tracked down another pair, American but you get the idea. On that website they are $90.

I think this might be them, but like I said I can’t actually see the image to verify. Whoops.

In Dubai I paid AED 475 which converts in GBP to approximately £80 which is probably a usual price for a pair of good quality trainers although I hate to say I made a purchase for trainers of that price, however I’m going to ignore it.

Tell me what you think, pretty colour or should have gone different?


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