The Heart Wants What It Wants, Selena Gomez

I will admit to always having been a fan of Selena, ever since Barney, yep I should probably be on a list somewhere. I was actually in awe when I heard this song. I mean, what! She’s utterly and unequivocally created a piece which undoubtedly most females have at some point felt. Now I know that it could be argued that Taylor Swift does this on a regular basis but it’s like a norm for Swifty and this to me, is not a Gomez song.

This has new depths to it, and is utterly lovely. Sad and lovely. I can’t help but like this song, and it’s made me so impatient for her new album, For You to drop on January 5, 2015. I mean why is it so far away…

I also love the video. I can’t help but think this song, is Selena’s best work to date. Of course I loved her older songs and each album she’s released has got one or two tracks that I think yeah but this song just overshadows all of them. Great job SG!

PS I hope this makes Justin Bieber cry. (Not a Belieber, is it obvious?)


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