High Neck Bridal Gowns – Top Five

When I really thought about weddings, in particular wedding gowns I realised that I, for some inexplicable reason had never thought about high neck wedding gowns. Now maybe it’s because I believe it takes one heck of a neck to pull of this style, or maybe it’s because I never actually bothered to think about it. Either way, I’ve been hooked for the last hour and have been Pinterest researching these wonderful creations.

I think that I managed to narrow down my favourite five high necks. I hope you like them as much as I did.

My first pick is this stunning dress by Caroline Castigilano. From The English Heritage Collection the style is called Hepburn and it is quite clear to see why. With its oh-so-typical Audrey bateau neckline and its simplicity this gown screams sophistication. A gorgeous pleated skirt sits stunningly and is made more intriguing by the way the dress originally pulls in the waist before it falls outward.

Caroline Castigilano Hepburn thE enGLISH hERITAGE COLLECTION
The Style – Hepburn

Next up is this beautifully unique dress from Delphine Manivet. In a stunning ivory colour and with another cheeky bateau neck (or a boat neck) this dress is made from a crinkled silk chiffon overlay which is trimmed with some beautiful lace and ribbons. This dress is totally perfect for a boho bride as its feels earth mother. With its sheer sleeves stoping at the elbow this dress has a sense of freedom and therefore makes it a lovely one to add to my top five.

The Style - Tobias
The Style – Tobias

Yes! How could I not add a Jenny Packham dress to this list, as quite possibly one of my all time favourite bridal designers this dress was a must to add. I love this tea length tulle dress. It’s like a fairytale dress without the added extra full lengthiness that Disney princesses seem to go for. It just makes me feel as light as a bird, and the neckline. Now this is a proper high neckline, right up to the base of the neck this dress is encrusted with beautiful embellishments. Another gorgeous aspect of this dress is the added dimension of an almost second off-the shoulder neckline which is emphasised by the tulle.

The Style - Gemma
The Style – Gemma

Say hello to a new favourite designer of mine Mia Solano whose dresses are almost out of this world. This dress is pointing me towards the more traditional style of dress I’m so used to seeing on Say Yes to the Dress! and other shows (yes I am a massive fan) but all of sudden your eyes reach the top and BANG! instead of a typical sweetheart neckline you’ve got a full on halter neck! I mean a halter neck on a wedding dress, something that to me should not work but dear lord in this lace decoration it just does. And it works perfectly.

The Style - Angelique
The Style – Angelique

Now I will not say that this dress is my favourite of all these five dresses but it definitely is. Check out this highly unusual Rosa Clará dress called Sidon. A perfectly conservative dress which is just pure glamour. From its jewel-type neckline, through to its beaded knit body made of tulle and finally followed by a cascading waterfall of silk chiffon for a skirt with some stunningly intricate hemstitch detailing I am in love with this dress. Lucky you, as I’m going to attach a picture of the back of this glorious gown as well. Words cannot describe the beauty of this gown.

The Style – Sidon (front and side)
The Style – Sidon (back)

So what do you think of my top five high neck bridal gowns? Did I pick the right ones or have you seen some equally (if not more so) beautiful gowns to rival these. Comment below.


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