Hello Winter Booties

Everybody say hello to my new babies.IMG_8726

When it comes to Autumn and now Winter one thing I can’t live without, well I can but I don’t want to is a nice pair of ankle boots. The biggest problem I always find is well, finding a pair. Sure there are hundreds of pairs out there but not one of them is screaming my name, yelling at me to buy them immediately and without a thought to whether it’s a good idea or not. I want the flashing lights and big crowds cheering feeling when I put on a pair. I know, I’m not asking for much right? But anyway, ever year same problem. I end up in a pair I don’t really like and end up hating every time I put them on, and then finally I just don’t touch them again. Until, wait for it…now.


This Office pair, although simple are perfect for me. Called the Caramel ankle boot this pair basically jumped off the shelf and walked over to my feet when I got into Office. I love the slightly lower back to the front look, which for me is just different enough that I don’t feel a fool wearing them. Made with nubuck leather and featuring a delicate wrap around strap this boot is chic and stylish. With its 3inch block heel it gives me just the lift I need to give me short and stumpy body extra height and keep me walking tall and proud.


Priced at £85 these boots just fall into the average of what kind of money you’re going to spend on a decent pair of boots. For that kind of price you are looking at a pair of boots lasting. And a lasting, comfortable pair is just what every girl wants. I get crazy girl fan eyes whenever I look at them, and the comfort I feel when I walk means I might just be swapping my lovely ballerina flats for these most days.


These beautiful boots are available in selection of colours and I’ll post the link for the different colours below, but a quick summary for the colours goes as follows:

– Black (obviously)


Dark Chocolate


As usual though, I can foresee with all the cleverness of me one problem I will have with this perfectly perfect boots, and that has to do with snow, which as every heel lover knows turns into a formidable enemy. Slip, slip, fall on my butt. I know for a fact I will end up either face planting and landing on my rear-end whilst wearing these but for the sake of loveliness I will admit I. JUST. DON’T. CARE.

Purchase my lovely black ones here at Office by clicking here!


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