Solange – the bride who broke the rules

Solange Knowles certainly knows how to impress, and the new Mrs. Ferguson who only wed her new husband on Nov. 16th made my jaw drop. Not once, not twice but five times. Starting off married life in the only way a Knowles’ sister could she donned five different outfits for her one massive day.

Each outfit was special in it’s own manner but were all tied together with a very fitting theme, which was their uniqueness.

To get her to the chapel on time, this diva travelled in some serious style. Hopping on a white bicycle and pedalling to her wedding, talk about commitment. She wore an absolutely beautiful Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit, which left little to the imagination in terms of bustiness as well as it’s cut out back. Check out the sweet ivory roses attached to the front of her bike. Talk about traffic stopping.

Her Kenzo Caped Gown was a gorgeous dress with a strong feminine feel. Form fitting but with a beautiful sleek cape surrounding her she looked regal. Accessorised simply with some gold long bangles, she oozes aura and majesty.

Moving on swiftly to outfit number three which is an interesting and totally only wearable by Solange Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit, see any patterns here. With its one sleeve and one legged look this dress pushes bridal fashion far. Every instinct inside of me is telling me that this jumpsuit should not ever, ever work but for some reason I cannot explain on Solange is just does. Fact. With the strappy white heels this look is sophisticated and even delicate and Solange seems to look extraordinarily happy with it, or maybe it’s the fact she just got married.

Here we go again with the Stéphane Rolland jumpsuits. Another one Solange, really? Very similar to the first jumpsuit Solange wore on the bike if you can remember that many outfits ago it provides a very busty keyhole in the front, and much like her Kenzo gown it is caped. This photograph makes it look like she’s about to take flight. With it’s hint of (more than a hint of) sexiness to the front, the gorgeous caped back gives this jumpsuit a more elegant and perhaps conserved feel. It’s amazing that one jumpsuit can be so confused and still rock its confusion?!

Lastly but by no means least was her thigh-high slit dress which, although I’ve looked through 2.85 million results in 3.45seconds thanks to Google I cannot find the name of the designer anywhere. Anyone know? This dress to me looks fun, it looks like you can dance in it and have a great time. Which is hopefully just what Solange did. I also couldn’t find a lone picture of the dress that wasn’t so ridiculously out of focus the picture should just never of been taken, so instead I’ve borrowed a very nice line up all five dresses together.

What do you think of Solange’s choices? Is five to many changes for one day? How do you even fit five changes into one day, let alone a busy day like a wedding? No idea, but for now here are some lovely pictures I’ve found of her wedding. Enjoy.

Yes, before you continue I do realise that the amount of photos could probably be enough for a restraining order, but I can’t get enough of quite simply put an amazing bride whose entire wedding deserves praise for its originality.


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