Nail Station Fun – Dubai

My nails are presently a state. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not avidly purchasing new and exciting nail polishes to try out on my idly biddy bitten little nails. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Yesterday alone I purchased two new nail polishes from a company that up until yesterday at 12:18pm I had never heard of. So let me introduce…

The Nail Station Paris

IMG_8682Now why I’ve never heard of a company that basically has the word nail in when I google nail polishes as much as I do is a mystery to me. But alas, I am only human and sometimes things do just pass me by, like phone bills and traffic light signals. No I’m only kidding, sort of.

Anyways I discovered the entire range of colour heaven and although I wanted to place all the contents of The Nail Station’s stand into my too small bag I decided quite sensibly to just chose two of the colours. I then spent 45 minutes deciding which two but that’s is not the point.

I ended up with two pretty boringly obvious standard colours, but ones that I just thought yes to. One is a stunning blue called Cocorico and it emphasises all I love about the colour blue. It’s wholesome and works beautifully with a pale complexion or if your are lucky enough to have a tan it works great with a bronzed effect as well. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and honestly I just thought that the warmth it has was unusual for a blue tone.


The second colour is a white called Mont Blanc. Yes I know white is so white. I will admit know that aged 22 I have never had white nails. This was a first for me and although I loved it on my nails, I think it looked totally different and was really eye-catching on my toes it just looked like Tipex.


Both these colours are superb for the winter months, the white needs no explanation and the blue just simply looks good with everything. As I purchased them in Dubai for 49AED each I’d reckon they would be about £7 back home but I’m not sure. I also am not actually aware of them being available in the UK just yet but fingers crossed they will make the crossing soon.


For more information visit the Nail Station website.


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