The Pronovias Dream

Can we all just take a minute to admire and love the entirety of Pronovias’ 2015 Dreams Collection. Wow, wow, wow. The spontaneity of the tulle dressing the gowns alongside the glorious look of the dresses just being weightless provides an instant glamour, sophisticated edge with a twist of fun. How? I don’t know but Pronovias have outdone themselves. These dresses are insanely beautiful and would be pure perfection for any bride that wants that bit of an edge on their day.

With 11 dresses making up this breathtaking collection a bride would surely love to glide down, slide down(?), dance down (?) or (fill in the blank) down the aisle to her future husband or wife dressed like this. I’m going to focus on three of these dresses and narrowing down my top three was a nightmare. Each of the collection has it’s own beauty and style but I’m far too lazy to address and write something about each of them, and if we’re all honest my opinion being a non-bride/non-bride-to-be doesn’t really matter (although in my head it does). Therefore you’ll have to indulge me for just three of them.

However I’m not leaving you totally in the dark, for the entire Dreams Collection not to mention Pronovias’ Elie by Elie Saab, the Atelier Collection and the other Pronovias dresses (where you can find the dreams collection) click on their respective names….


Style: Mildred

First up is this gorgeous dress, although potentially named after a character in The Worst Witch or after somebody’s grandma this dress is by no means a childish ghoul or ageing granny. It is quite simply put a masterpiece. With a simple but effective sweetheart neckline, and a lengthened bodice wrapped around with ruched tulle it would hug a bride’s figure and give her a slender and elegant curve. If you are lacking in the curve department, never fear a detailed belt would clinch in your waist and bring out the curves that you think you don’t have but are there, I promise. As you leave it’s fit and head down to it’s flared skirt you get the essence of walking on clouds. A tulle skirt gives this dress it’s weightless quality and will give you wherever you walk a sense of gliding or drifting in mid-air. With the little expertise that I do not hold, but rather from observation this is definitely a more gentle fit and flare than some dresses, because (let me explain) the flare begins half-way up the thigh allowing more dress to gentle make a flared shape.


Style: Milenka

Yes, yes, yes a wedding dress with STRAPS! I don’t know why but I feel as if there are not enough of these lovely dresses. Delicate straps followed by an equally delicate bodice that is covered and I mean covered in beautiful gemstone embroidery. With its flower power design comes forward with the appliqués which are lovingly placed at symmetrically balanced positions giving this dress a wonderful sense of a fun loving bride. Flirty, fun and full of festivity this dress is truly magnificent for a special day  – particularly one that would allow it to tie it’s floaty flower elements to an outdoor place in bloom. The mermaid tulle skirt seems slightly more harsh than the Mildred style dress but would make an increasingly beautiful way to appearing taller and is it wrong to say more regal. The real majestic quality of this dress truly comes from the design’s ability to be ferociously fun. Does that even make sense? An oxymoron if I ever saw one!


Style: Leina

Well the last in my top three is here because it is truly a mixture of everything. With a more ‘princess-esque’ style in general this dress has a little bit for everyone. The sweetheart neckline itself is covered in feathers, which is a really effective design element in making your dress stand out from the crowd. Although obviously at your wedding, generally you will be the only person wearing a dress of this magnitude. Don’t let your mother turn up in it – mine would. Following this on with its tightly pleated tulle bodice with a gem ribbed (or the more technical word grosgrain) belt and this dress extends the torso not in a swan-like manner. The dress will hold you in all the right places and keep your spine and core engaged helping your posture throughout your day. But beware! Short brides – the thickness of the two pleated tulle with the separating ribbon could cause the exact opposite on you and potentially with the sheer volume of tulle in the skirt you could disappear entirely in this dress.


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