There’s Something About…Taylor



Taylor Swift gets a lot of stick for being, well, Taylor  Swift – the numerous boyfriends, followed by the inevitable break-up songs, the ever-changing friendships, her obvious dislike of one Justin Biebs and of course the colour red (which coincidently seems to be the one constant in her life right now).

But I can’t help it. I love Taylor Swift! I don’t know her but I can’t help but love her. And, I think with this new single Shake It Off she has entered a new and exciting chapter of her music making and potentially won herself additions to her army of Swifties!

Of course, I’m still a fan of her more country than pop hits but this move towards plain old pop was brave and in my mind worth the risk. She nailed it, everything from the catchy beat to the ironically self-deprecating music video Taylor gets 5 stars from me. A little ballet dancing here, and a bit of ass shaking(?) there and T-Swift is on a roll to continue her streak as one of the favourite artists of the year. With her mix of ballet sophistication, cheerleading perfection, improv grey clad dancer thing not to mention Audrey Hepburn thrown in for a good mix Taylor has proved herself yet again.Taking the comments that she can’t dance into consideration T Swizzle whilst not beating the critics by becoming a numero uno dancer, instead emphasised it – making her one funny chick in my mind. Her dancing makes my dancing look professional and for that I thank you. Thanks Tay!

However, I’m still hoping her new album 1989 does not only feature pop tracks but still contains and shares Taylor’s roots as a country gurrrlll. Maintaining her roots is what will keep her a hit with her fans, and whilst trying out new genres is always a great thing to do, it will always make that single extra special by making sure it’s not lost in between more of the same, which so many artists (ahem, Charlotte Church – old example but still works perfect) can find happening.

I can’t wait till my pre-order comes through! Hit pre-order now on iTunes and squirm with bated breath until October 28, 2014.

Click here for her link to iTunes


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