An Interview with Emma Enchanted

Emma Gerry, 21 is one of a kind. Beginning her own business at the tender age of 19 she has watched it grow and become a success in her North East England base. With a passion for making children smile and in some cases completely shock them into that pure awe-inspired state that only a child can have, Emma is fast becoming the biggest and best deal for children’s parties in the North East.

Emma Enchanted was the first singing-dancing and acting Princess company of it’s type in the North East and it has paved the way for other companies to follow in suit. With inspiration from California based company True Enchantment, and Traci Hines the cosplayer Emma decided it was time to shock the North East into remembering the importance of  childhood and how short it is.  It was Emma’s mission to explore and embrace childhood and she’s doing that perfectly. The parties, although they cater for the children also seem to excite the parents just as much, and Emma’s biggest tool in how her business has become so successful is through Word of Mouth. With one good party comes three more and so on and forth until Emma’s life becomes a mass of performing as Cinderella at one party in the morning and Ariel at one only two hours later.

With a massive Facebook following of 3,069, which shows no signs of slowing down Emma is kept busy throughout the year. Luckily enough for me, Emma was able to find time in the day to let me interview her. As I drove up to her house, it was the perfect setting for this fairy-tale princess. The house itself was warm and cosy and perhaps unsurprisingly enough when I met Emma she had the big eyes and high cheekbones and flawless skin that I obviously should have expected  from a Disney princess lookalike. In short, she was the epitome of princess and thinking about it now that’s probably part of the reason she has been so successful. I was quickly introduced to her mum Amanda, who was busy sewing costumes, sorting wigs and painting bits and bobs, in order to give Emma the time we needed. Her parents have remained a massive support for Emma throughout her business – with her mum originally sewing and making the original costumes. Both work full-time but still find time to help Emma make her business as successful as possible.

Not only has Emma got a legion of fans, supportive parents and a totally understanding boyfriend (who also happens to be the photographer for the princesses) Emma has a troupe of extraordinarily talented performers. All can sing, all can dance, and all can keep their American accents for the duration of the party – a feat which I promise is not easy. Tried and tested and failed completely by yours truly.

The following is a brief part of the interview with Emma in which she discusses her business and why she came up with the idea of Emma Enchanted in the first place.

It’s my first time making an audio slideshow so please be nice. For more information on Emma Enchanted I’ve linked the Facebook and website – so click the one you want.


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