My first attempt at designing a 20 page concept magazine

Now let me state this now, I am not a designer. I can try and I absolutely love everything, at the moment at least, that I know about designing but that does not mean I am any good at it!

I’ve finally got the courage to put it on here though. This was my first attempt at designing and creating a 20 page concept magazine. It was part of second year uni course and we were told we had to come up with an idea for a magazine which we would then have to create the layout for.

Obviously none of the work in the magazine is my own and it was sourced from many different parts of the Internet, so please don’t say I’m plagiarising as I know that it is not my work. It was the layout design we were working on as opposed to the images that filled it and what copy was used, (most of the copy is dummy text).

I had a whole load of fun designing this magazine, and although I didn’t end up with a very good mark I feel like I tried my best so to be honest my attitude at this point is whatever. It was my first time I didn’t know how to use the software and objectivity plays a key thing in decision making. I can’t wait for my new uni project which is to design a minimum of 36 pages all original content!

That is going to be something.

Wedding Belles


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