A Crazy Little One Lovely Blog Award


So a few days ago I got nominated by theavenue92 for a lovely blog award.  This was probably one of the sweetest things ever. It’s actually taken me a while to post this because i really don’t feel that I should have been nominated. My blog is so new and pretty empty when you see others but it was still so lovely to see it. In truth I know Jemma, whose blog is pretty phenomenal and if you haven’t seen it or read it…go now!

It is an absolute privilege to know Jemma, we’re flatmates and I couldn’t ask for better! I couldn’t live without this girl, she changed my life so much when I met her two years ago. I know I’m getting all soppy but sometimes you just can’t help it. This girl has a heart of gold and pretty cool slippers to boot. So obviously what’s about to come next is a massive thank you, and when i walk out my room in a minute she is going to get a pretty damn big hug!

Anyway this award comes with seven rules which are:

1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post

2. Share seven things about you

3. Pass the award on to seven nominees

4. Thank the person who nominated you

5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs


So without further ado here are seven things about me:

1. I have a lovely little red motor called Mowgali Giovanni, he is of Italian descent.

2. Disney Princesses are probably one of my favourite things.

3. I always wants to be a mermaid.

4. I’m sometimes, pretty often way too emotional about nothing in particular.

5. I have a Lego keyring of JaJa Binks.

6. I got too scared to follow my dreams.

7. Since January last year I am part of a family of Northerners who I still sometimes can’t understand. So I just nod!

Now it says nominate seven blogs, I decided that as I was doing this I wanted to explain my nominations because these seven blogs are simply amazing.

My first nomination is a blog called Ms Elena Levon Traveling. I am such a huge fan of this blog. The woman behind it is so extraordinary. I have re-blogged her on here actually. Her blog makes me laugh and cry and pretty much all other emotions you can feel. Her blog really challenges your mind to think about things and put your whole life in perspective. I really enjoy reading it and if you do read it, I hope you do too.

Next up is the blog Talking Experience written by a lady called Kavita Joshi who is on a path she calls self-discovery. It’s pretty epic to say the least and it doesn’t fail to make me smile. Check it out! Check it out! She has youtube videos of her pictures as well so that’s pretty cool.

Right this next person is actually an old school friend of mine who is simply magical. This blog written by a lovely lady Charlotte is full of her creativity and her imagination. I love sitting there are reading what she’s written. She makes me want to sit down and start writing again.

My next nomination is for a blog called Carrying The Gun. When I first starting reading this blog I will be the first one to admit I don’t think I had quite the right amount of respect as I should have done. This guy called Don Gomez was deployed in Iraq and he writes about his time there, puts photos on as well as covering other topics. His blog pretty much changed my view on what the Armed Forces are about. I will be the first to admit, I always thought the Armed Forces was a bad idea but now I think this blog has changed that.

This blog Project Light to Life is one of my favourite to just sit back and spent quite a while just reading and ‘stealing’ ideas from. The lady called Christine is inspiring people to do their own bucket lists. She’s pretty cool and her ideas are so fantastic that you know that you just have to try and do them to. I love this blog with a passion!

A Ferret Called Wilson is a blog I don’t think I can now live without, although I’ve just started following them I’ve been going on the page for a while, don’t ask me why I didn’t hit like as I have absolutely no clue. As the blog’s tag says it about “condensed life” and that is a pretty accurate description. I love what this blogger Pinkie Boadicea writes about and how she writes. It’s just so amazing. I love it!

And last but by no means least scrummy scrummy scrummy foodicity. There’s not much I can say about this blog. It makes my mouth water. The food on it looks terribly good and I just want this person to be my personal chef!


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