So I turn 21…

So I turn 21 in one month and one day, but because my mum lives so far away, she and my stepdad decided to ‘throw’ me a surprise 21st.

It’s all so amazing to me, but we’re headed to Nepal, in about….6 hours. I can’t believe it I’m so excited.

I’ve always loved exploring new places, and learning about new cultures and for the four days that we’re abroad I can do that.

Nepal is supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

However…it’s still all a surprise, I have no idea what we’re doing let alone where we’re staying.

This morning I was woken up by my mum with a beautiful bag of goodies for me. It felt like my actual birthday.

My 21st birthday goodies.
My 21st birthday goodies.

I got the most beautiful presents, a Wizard of Oz trinket box which plays the theme tune Somewhere Over The Rainbow, a pair of beautiful blue with gold rim drop earrings, a Maleficant mug from Sleeping Beauty and the most special to me a ring which has been passed down through my mum’s side of the family.

I’m seriously the luckiest girl alive, and at the moment I feel a million dollars.

I’ll blog with some pictures when I’m back.


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