A little bit of home

Love a bit of home.
Love a bit of home.


So, I love coming to mum’s house. She’s one of those people who is just fun, without trying. I think she’s pretty much got it down. She lives just a bit far away – Dubai, and although I guess distance can be hard it’s just so easy to think of the free holidays I get to go over and see her.

Life is not bad!

So at present I’m sitting in a beautifully cooled air-conditioned room, as it’s far too hot outside just relaxing. I love some of the furniture and art that my mum and step-dad have added into their new home. It really does suit them completely, not too mention I’m thinking of ‘borrowing’ most of it when I move into my own place and just putting it there.

One of my favourite pieces is the light shade, which is Moroccan-esque and totally my choice. It’s black with beautifully intricate cut-out detailing and it lives just above the dining room table. I’ve still not quite worked out how I’m going to sneak this back home to England, but somehow I’m sure it will work.

Some more of home, this time some of the art they've picked up.
Some more of home, this time some of the art they’ve picked up.

What’s truly amazing about Dubai, is the amount of diversity here. There are so many different people, who come from different places, who believe in different things and who act and live so differently from what I’m generally used to. One of the most interesting thing is learning about these different cultures, religions, and everything in generally.

I’m truly blessed to be able to visit such a place and learn all about different people and different things. If you can I would definitely come to Dubai. It’s so out of this world.



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